Understanding why Jon Stewart is so sad about how How I Met Your Mother ended

People were so unhappy with the way Ted met Your Mother that the DVD box set was forced to include a more palatable “alternate” ending. But even that edition’s addition has not helped everyone come to grips with the fact that the neverending show finally ended.

For instance, Jon Stewart.

Last night, he chose to celebrate 4/20 How I Met Your Mother-style. In case you were distracted by the middle segment of his show — “Uncle Jonny’s Super Kush, Totally Chillaxed, Sticky-Icky, Informative Marijuana News Report” — which was explicitly dedicated to the holiday, allow me to point you instead toward what transpired immediately prior to The Daily Show’s first commercial break: an entire segment devoted to sandwiches.

That’s right. Sandwiches:


My first thought was that Stewart simply did not want to spend his holiday alone — and Jason Segel makes for pretty good company. After all, it was less than a year ago I noted that Leibowitz and I spent our respective Passovers in remarkably similar ways (for reasons entirely independent of our shared Hebrew ancestry). But then I remembered: it’s really hard to celebrate 420 truly alone, so desire for company can’t be it.

Which is how I came to the conclusion that Stewart must actually be wrestling with the proper way to end a show — and I’m sure it’s by total coincidence that he chose to conclude last night’s with an announcement concerning the end of his run at The Daily Show. Hopefully Robin Scherbatsky won’t make any surprise last-minute appearances.


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