Larry Wilmore really doesn’t like one of his Nightly Show correspondents

Like its mothershow (the daily one), Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show employs several regular correspondents. This is not altogether surprising. Although the Nightly Show added a few twists to differentiate itself from the show that airs just beforehand, the format remains largely recognizable — after all, Wilmore served as Jon Stewart’s Senior Black correspondent for nearly a decade.

There is, however, one major difference between Daily Show and Nightly Show correspondents, which is as follows: Nightly Show correspondents are not very good. One, in particular, stands out as out of place on Comedy Central: Shenaz Treasury, who has appeared on the show several times. It’s not that she is a bad person, or isn’t perfectly bubbly and delightful — it’s that she’s just not funny.

Until last night, I had convinced myself that we’d seen the last of her on The Nightly Show. Ever since the program went on a one-week hiatus in early April — and took the opportunity to change a few things up, like switching Larry’s desk and reducing the number of panelists each night from four to three — Shenaz mysteriously disappeared. As the days went by with no appearance from Treasury, I began to suspect she and Wilmore had decided it wasn’t working and amicably parted ways over the break. Alas, it was not to be:

Shenaz showed up as promised — but to my delight, I wasn’t the only one unhappy to see her. Bear with me through the following story. Last night’s panel discussed teachers who sleep with their students, and at some point Shenaz felt compelled to relate the following:

Shenaz: I had an experience. My boyfriend in high school had sex with the teacher [– the sociology teacher –] and the person who was damaged was me because, you know, the boy, he is very confident, he has two kids now. The teacher, I don’t know, she’s old. But I’m still on tinder!

Larry: You’re the victim in that one.

Shenaz: I’m the victim. I’m so damaged. I [need] people to laugh to feel good about myself.

I typed up that interaction verbatim from the show’s closed captions. But if you take a moment to watch the actual clip — beginning at the 18:30 mark — it’s hard to miss Larry mutter under his breath, “Maybe I’m the victim too.” For some reason, the show decided to leave that dig out of the official transcript. So allow me to affirm for the written record that Larry speaks for all the victims.


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