Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore team up for their best hand-off yet

Jon Stewart used the bulk of last night’s show to hammer CNN, among others, for heavily covering the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner while ignoring riots in nearby Baltimore. It was a Daily Show much like any other. And so after the final commercial break, there were only two* bits of housekeeping left:

  • First, like every Monday, Jon Stewart (who ends at 11:30) handed off to Larry Wilmore (who starts at 11:30).
  • Second, like every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (but not Friday, ahem, The Guardian), the Moment of Zen.

Last night, Stewart and Wilmore spent their minute or so of hand-off discussing Mall Cop 2. And then, during the Moment of Zen, came the real hand-off. Here’s a screenshot:

Stewart this time tomorrow

Full sentence: “People will be informed  . . . They’ll find out all of what happened on the streets of Baltimore, by this time tomorrow.” It was a fitting conclusion to Stewart’s daily diatribe against the impotent media  — but also the perfect setup for Larry Wilmore’s opening joke minutes later: “Obviously, there’s a huge story coming out of Baltimore now . . . We’ll have coverage on tomorrow night’s show.”

Or if you prefer the screenshot evidence:

Wilmore Baltimore

Wilmore tomorrow

*Technically three, since he also did some fundraising, but I didn’t want to complicate the narrative any more than necessary.


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