Are Washington (D.C.) fans really the most illiterate in football?

According to a study commissioned by the Wall Street Journal, fans of the Washington Redskins have the worst writing skillz in the National Football League — and it isn’t even particularly close. The gap between D.C. and the second-worst New Orleans Saints is a whopping 4.1 mistakes (~30% worse!) for every 100 words published in online comments. That is almost inconceivably bad, kind of like the Redskins on the field (who have won seven times in two years). For the sake of comparison, 22 teams rank within 4.1 mistake-margin from the league-best Detroit Lions:


It’s suspicious disparities like that that force me to question the study’s precise methodology (which the WSJ does not share in the relevant article). I would be especially interested in learning whether this all might be attributable to an editorial decision to count every use of the word “Redskins” as mistaken word usage.


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