The Daily Pennsylvanian is giving Penn way too much credit

The Daily Pennsylvanian wants to know:

To save you further investigation, the linked article just embeds the relevant tweets in order and concludes as follows, “So who got the best of the Twitter battle? Let us know in the comments below.”*

It pains me to say this, but if Penn bothered to sign up for a Twitter account, it probably should have learned how to use the darn site first. Trying to retweet like this — “Sorry to open up 100-year-old wounds. @Princeton @Penn Hey — we’re not bitter. Much.” — is embarrassing. Pretending like there’s any question over “who got the best” is even worse.

There was no better or best. There was good. And there was bad. One combatant demonstrated basic Twitter competence. The other demonstrated basic illiteracy. Shame on you, DP, for pretending like this was any sort of competition.

If the ancient Romans had captured a Quaker, s/he’d have been first into the Coliseum. Thumbs down; this round goes to the Tigers.

*I will not contribute to the DP comments section, seeing as to how we’re in a bit of a fight atm; hence my response here.


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