Royal Baby name proves William & Kate basically exist only to please you

Last night, I took a short study break to discuss the tragic passage of Dave Goldberg and (speaking generally) the legacies we leave behind via social media. Naturally, I took a peek at his Twitter account, and one message in particular happened to catch my eye:

So nu, almost a month ago, what did we think Baby would be named?

Diana proved to be the overwhelming vote-getter, with 32 percent among girl names. It was followed by Victoria (18 percent), Elizabeth (16 percent) and Charlotte (12 percent).

(For the record, Alice got 4%, Mary got 3%, Something else received 11%, and Don’t know/No answer landed 3%.)

Baby’s actual name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Add those names together, and William & Kate made a full 60% of respondents into winners. In other words, the Royal parents just couldn’t decide between the most popular options and basically went down the list.

We can, at least be thankful Charlotte wasn’t a prince: I hear the parents were seriously considering Michael Kosmo Richards.

Weirdly, the poll’s leading potential boy’s name was actually “Alexander”. They literally just used that name!


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