Where has Jon Stewart seen Jon Stewart’s guest before?

As of last night’s show, Jon Stewart has exactly three months left on the air. Sad face. And he marked the occasion of one of the final Daily Shows with Jon Stewart by welcoming back an old friend, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

The two engaged in a fairly enlightening conversation about negotiations with Iran and the current state of the United States’ switch to a clean energy economy. That was three puns about electricity, for the record.

Wait, did I say “welcome back”? That’s weird. If you run a search for “Moniz”, the only Daily Show hits are from May 6th:

Moniz search

Well then, allow me to take you back to January 21, when Jon Stewart recapped the previous evening’s State of the Union address:

Last night was the State of the Union address. In my time here, at the — let’s call it — anchor desk, I have covered probably 62 of these. it’s become as much of a January ritual for me as my midday four-hour seasonal affective disorder nap. So to be honest, I’m a little over it with the promising and the clapping and — wait, who, is that — one of the — hold on a second —

Moniz state of the union

Moniz responded to Stewart’s ribbing in kind:

I like to imagine the interview plans just came together from there. Anyway, I watched last night’s entire extended interview just to be sure: Admirable restraint, on both their parts, not to bring this up.

See here for a post in which I perform a similar, if not more impressive, feat on behalf of Stephen Colbert and Viggo Mortensen.


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