For Israeli Memorial Day, Bibi channeled his inner Pocahontas (pun intended)

On Israeli Memorial Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with several children whose parents were killed serving in the Israel Defense Forces. At some point in the discussion, a little girl asked Bibi how he felt when his brother was famously killed in the raid on Entebbe. Here’s the brief exchange, captioned in English:

tl;dw After a little meandering, Bibi finally settled on a metaphor to explain how he was able to cope with the tragic loss:

What did I figure out? Life is like a river. It flows on and gets to new places. New turns and curves in the river. They pull us ahead. And then you find the way to overcome that feeling and continue living — even though I always remember, just like you will always remember your father.

It was a touching performance, and has now been shared nearly 2,000 times on Facebook alone. But heartfelt as Bibi’s message may have come across, it was hard for me to watch — as an adoring fan of Disney’s Pocahontas — without expecting him to burst into song:

There is, some might say, a certain delicious irony in Israel’s Prime Minister colonizing the words of an indigenous princess like Pocahontas. But I prefer to take his words as a sign the time is ripe for some deeper understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

I wouldn’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but maybe something like, but not necessarily, “We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.” And I think we can all agree it’s better when that circle-hoop isn’t the cycle of violence. It will be a new world — and assuredly a better one — when Israel’s PM no longer has to teach little girls how to deal with their grief.


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