Tablet breathes fresh life into the theory Alex Rodriguez is Jewish

Way back in the warm afterglow of the Big Bang that birthed this blog (i.e. January 2012), I put together a post asking whether Alex Rodriguez is Jewish. The answer, I discovered, is almost certainly No — but I also learned a few worthwhile lessons from the consideration of the relevant evidence. You’re welcome, of course, to check it out.

And that’s where things stood, until last week, when Tablet Magazine put together a list of the “All-Time Jewish Home Run Kings“. No, A-Rod wasn’t exactly on that list — but he did manage to make an appearance anyway:

Jewish home run kings tablet

I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Indeed, as the caption notes, this is a picture of the home run that helped Rodriguez pass Mays on the all-time non-Jewish home run list.

But for anyone who doesn’t notice — or is simply too lazy to read — the caption, the placement of the photograph might be all that’s needed to spark a new generation of Alex Rodriguez is Jewish rumors. And, like A-Rod himself that’s a shande.

Someone call up Adam Sandler, we need a new Hannukah Song. (“Alex Rodriguez… not a Jew” actually makes more sense in context.)

I’d complain to Tablet directly, but it isn’t worth $2 for the privilege of posting a comment.


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