Why I haven’t written in seven months

It’s been a while since I opened this tab and started writing. And the people deserve answers. Luckily, it’s all quite simple. I decided to take a break while studying for the bar exam, but not because I was too diligent in my studies or didn’t have enough time. (I did, after all, blog right through final exams in early May.) Instead, in the event I failed the bar, I did not want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs announcing the creative non-studying uses to which I had put my time. In other words, I wanted to preserve at least the potential for sympathy.

But I took the bar in July. I found out I passed four months ago tomorrow.* There’s obviously a bit more to the story. So here goes:

After a month of abstinence, I came across an opportunity that succeeded in overpowering my self-control. It would be easy to write, and what’s the harm of writing just once in a very long while? And thus was born my post of June 14th, Jeb Bush’s new campaign logo represents a clear effort to distance himself from the Hispanic community. Briefly, I suggested that had Bush sought to seriously connect with the Hispanic community, Jeb’s name would have also been preceded by an upside down exclamation point, like so:

Jeb logo spanish

Then I carried on with my studies, fully planning to resume writing after the bar. And no, time didn’t get away from me; rather, TIME got in the way. In the intervening weeks, I came across this picture in the pages of that magazine:


June 15, you may recall, is just one day after my post hit the web. And that’s just too close for comfort.**

Paper Treiger has been described to me as an exercise in reviewing the news but missing the point. And that’s exactly what I hope to accomplish. I’m not trying to produce something of everlasting value. I just want this blog to be unlike what you’ll find anywhere else on the internet — and whether that’s a good thing or the opposite is besides the point. I want to write stories nobody else bothers to write, because otherwise why bother? The result may not always be something I’m proud of, or something I hope potential employers turn up when they google my name (hi there! hire me), but at least it’s something that’s me.

Which is why the failed effort to redesign Jeb!’s campaign logo shattered my confidence. Before I put that post together, I exhaustively scoured the internet to see if anyone had yet to make the joke I had in mind.*** My search came up empty — and still, Jeb! somehow managed to beat me to it, without even the courtesy of announcing it online. That’s mortifying. And that’s why it’s been some time since my last post.

While the conclusion of this hiatus means I may — or may not — resume lighting up your newsfeed with a vengeance, I promise future posts will generally avoid further navel-gazing about my process. I’ll just go back to missing the point, as usual.

*Something nice to remember on September 11.

**Even if June 15 was the first appearance of those signs, the only campaign nimble enough to have printed them that morning belongs to Donald J. Trump. You just know Jeb! focus-grouped them to death before daring to show them in public.

***I do like searches regularly, albeit imperfectly.


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