In case Dad Joke Han Solo needs more material, “I’m not going anywhere”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody twitter accounts have seemingly spread faster than lightspeed. While the quality of these accounts can feel more uneven than a cage match between Oola and a Rancor (looking at you, Tough Love Leia), one in particular comes near and dear to my heart: Dad Joke Han Solo.

For regular readers (if such a thing still exists after my recent hiatus), the attraction may be obvious. For everyone else, I would urge you to compare the conclusion of this nearly three year-old post (“if you ever run into an Israeli soldier with [a Darth Vader-inspired mask] obstructing his visage, let him know: “I find your lack of face disturbing”) with one of Han’s most popular missives:

My personal admiration for Dad Joke Han’s jokes notwithstanding, Emo Kylo Ren has attracted far more followers (by over 40-fold last I checked) and critical acclaim — probably in part because he caught (on) first. If Han has any hope of catching fire (like Kylo’s grandpa), he’ll need more material. Luckily, the Paper Treiger archives have plenty where that came from: an entire post full of puns inspired by that one single line. Here’s how I imagine things will go when someone tells him:

Dad Joke Han Solo:  “I love it!”

Me: “I know.”


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