Sorry, Cass Sunstein, it’s already been done

Early last year, renowned legal scholar Cass Sunstein published an essay titled How Star Wars Explains Constitutional Law. I came across it through The Washington Post, but the piece was originally posted to a website called The New Rambler, which seems more appropriate — given that Cass managed to hold forth on the topic for over 4,500 words. This post will not carry on for nearly as long.

Indeed, I’m not here to talk about the substance of Sunstein’s essay for even one parsec. If the premise of his headline managed to pique your curiosity, you are more than welcome to check out the full version for yourself (tl;dr the Star Wars script is a living document). I’m just chiming in for one reason and one reason only — to remind you that my professor used Star Wars to explain constitutional law in his powerpoint first. Behold:

Death Star 2

Or as I put it at the time, “That’s no diagram; that’s a space station!”


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