Why I never wondered about Master of None, Season 2

Netflix recently released premiere dates for the next wave of its proprietary programming. Orange is the New Black – June 17. House of Cards – March 4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – tax day. But where’s season 2 of Aziz Ansari’s masterful Master of None?

Whenever I mention Master of None, the conversation inevitably turns to the possibility of a second season. And like What kind of bear is best?, there are basically two schools of thought: Some people loved the show and can’t wait to follow further developments in Dev’s life. Others loved the show but believe that season one’s denouement offered the best possible stopping point #nospoilers

Without getting into the merits of either argument, I should mention upfront that the debate has largely been settled:

Though a second season pickup has not been made official by Netflix, insiders tell Variety that the series is all but renewed, as final negotiations are being worked out with Universal TV, the studio behind “Master of None.” Both the studio and Netflix have declined to comment, but a Season 2 announcement is expected in the near future.

But the truth is I didn’t need any report from Variety to tell me there was more Master of None on the way. The show itself all but confirmed it during Season 1, Episode 10: “Finale”.

As that episode’s opening credits rolled, I couldn’t help but notice a familiar melody. Technically, according to tunefind.com, what I heard was a piece titled Edge by David McCallum. While that name may not ring a bell, I’d wager many of you recognize it from its use in Dr. Dre and Snoop’s The Next Episode.

Whether Aziz included the song as a subtle message to Netflix (in the same spirit as certain episodes of Arrested Development’s third season) or just wanted to communicate directly with his fans, I refuse to believe he chose Next Episode without intending for there to be a next episode — and hopefully another, and another after that.


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