The curious way Facebook reported New Hampshire’s primary results

Donald Trump emerged victorious in New Hampshire’s Republican primary, but rather than simply report that result, Facebook turned Huffington Post’s take on the matter into a trending topic:

huffpo zenophobic

Now, headlines themselves don’t generally turn into stories, so I — quite reasonably, I still believe — thought that Huffington Post in particular began to trend because of the obvious and somewhat embarrassing spelling error in its headline.

That belief was reinforced by the last sentence of Facebook’s summary (visible above) which reported that the headline was later changed to a pair of phrases that are nigh-on impossible to misspell.

But as it turns out, Facebook — and not Huffpo — is the guilty party.

Welp; I take it back. New Hampshire Republican is the real guilty party here. I can only wish 35% of GOP voters out there (with 88% reporting) really were just afraid of the ancient Greek philosopher.


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