You can’t predict pol(itics)

The morning after his humiliating debate performance*, Marco Rubio’s campaign was by greeted by this pair of wise guys:

As you may or may not be able to see from that picture, Rubio dispatched a hapless intern to blame Jeb! for their presence.

It wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. After all, Bush has spent considerably more attacking other candidates in New Hampshire than has anyone else. But it was wrong: a liberal organization called American Bridge was quick to claim responsibility for the stunt.

Which just goes to show how thoroughly unpredictable politics can be. Who could have possibly imagined — a year ago, let alone one week ago — that in early February 2016 a slimy political operation named American Bridge would spend more time parroting Chris Christie than reminding voters about that time he shut down an actual American bridge (<– original artwork)?


*But see, my take on why his alleged “glitch” was perfectly understandable.


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