The newest sidewalk in DC has already been victimized

Monday morning, I had to walk around the southeast corner of 19th & N while construction workers poured the newest sidewalk in DC.

By Tuesday morning, their work was mostly complete, yet I couldn’t help but notice that someone had — rather than avoiding the new pavement, like I did — taken the opportunity to share his or her personal opinion with everyone who walks by for the next ~decade:

free gaza sidewalk 19th and N

It occurred to me in passing — literally, as I passed by — that the tagger may one day live to see his or her dream realized if only the residents of Gaza — more precisely, members of Hamas — poured more effort into using their cement to build sidewalks, not tunnels.

(According to one Gazan quoted in the Wall Street Journal, “rebuilding a tunnel network similar to the one that existed before 2014 is the priority for Gaza—more so than reconstructing homes destroyed during the war.”)

Though I suppose it also wouldn’t hurt to put more iron into ironies like this, rather than into cast iron homemade rockets in an effort to defeat Israel’s Iron Dome.


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