A piece of Purim poetry, inspired by #ManInTree

Last Tuesday, while much of the world stood transfixed by the tragic bombings in Brussels, Seattle could not take its eyes off #ManInTree — a man (surprise!) who defied police orders to descend from an 80-foot sequoia tree in downtown Seattle for a full Shabbat (25 hours).

At the height (pun intended) of his popularity, KOMO News’ livestream of #ManInTree’s treetop standoff attracted 420,000 viewers (the perfect number of Seattleites to demonstrate interest in someone really, really high). By comparison, a nearby Hillary rally attracted fewer than 3,000.

As #ManInTree’s ordeal stretched into Wednesday, I could not help but notice certain parallels between his story and that of the impending holiday of Purim (which began that night). And so I was inspired to pen a piece of poetry,* which I now publish publicly for the first time. I hope you enjoy:

A limb-erick might do the trick
But to that form I shall not stick

Come hear the yarn of Man in Tree
One man felled by insanity

Atop a tree, against the sky
And let’s be honest: probably high

Way above for all to see
“It’s not an emergency!”

Wearing his distinctive hat:
Was it red? Or was it flat?

Did he climb impulsively?
Or was he sent there by decree?

Fifty cubits – eighty feet
He hung around above the street

So do I speak of #ManInTree
Or of a man, wicked wicked is he?


*He may or may not have also inspired my costume, but it’s hard to say that for sure because I really need to credit this clown:


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