Ready for Romney to be Ready for Hillary

As the list of Republicans who are officially With Her seems to lengthen daily, the world awaits word from Donald Trump’s immediate predecessor as Republican candidate for President.

Back when it still appeared Trump might be stopped, Mitt Romney famously dedicated an entire speech to encouraging other Republicans to oppose him. At the time he gave that speech, Romney was not willing to endorse Hillary Clinton:

A person so untrustworthy and dishonest as Hillary Clinton must not become president. But a Trump nomination enables her victory.

And that makes sense for a time when Romney still hoped to rally his fellow Republican to victory over Trump . But now that the once-unthinkable has come to pass, Romney is out of options. To paraphrase of a former U.S. President who definitely has no intention of supporting the Donald, “You’re either with Trump or against him.” (If you don’t vote against Trump, at the very least you forfeit the right to complain about it if he is chas v’shalom elected President.) I would hope that Romney has at least seriously reconsidered his inability to decide between the two candidates.

And in the event Mitt does eventually come to the correct and obvious conclusion, I’ve prepared an appropriate slogan for him:


Even if Romney never publicly comes around, anyone who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and plans to support Her this time around is more than welcome to adopt it. I think it would look especially nice as a Facebook profile picture.


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