Stephen Colbert’s Cartoon Hillary Clinton did not disappoint

The moment I heard Bill Clinton tell the DNC that the Republican response to his wife has been “to create a cartoon alternative, and run against the cartoon,” I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what Stephen Colbert was going to do with it. And indeed, when he went live that evening, Colbert immediately introduced his audience to Cartoon Donald Trump‘s Democratic opponent, Cartoon Hillary:

And with the ability to make Cartoon Hillary do whatever he pleased, Colbert and his team did not disappoint. Indeed, Cartoon Hillary wasted absolutely no time playing her well-known — thanks to the old Stephen Colbert — favorite game:

clinton clap 1.1 clinton clap 2.1 clinton point 1.1 clinton point 2.1

[Editor’s note: If you still have no idea what this is about, that’s what the link was for. But since you skipped it, here you go again.]


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