Why Trump really went after that crying baby

On August 1, just after Donald Trump spent his post-DNC weekend waging an unusually-misguided jihad against Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Stephen Colbert opened his Late Show by exploring one simple question: “Is there anyone Donald Trump won’t attack if they say something bad about him?” A series of brief experiments revealed that Trump would not attack “a kindly old lady” or “a kindergartner with an adorable speech impediment”, but was more than happy to take on a kitten who equated him with Hitler:

colbert kitten small

But it’s hard to make heads or even adorable little kitty tails from so little information. What Colbert needed in order to draw more concrete conclusions is more data.

Enter Trump. On August 2, the very next day, Donald infamously booted a crying baby out of his rally in Virginia:

Most people took the incident as a sterling example of Trump’s lack of basic of humanity, and others wrote it off (like his campaign) as some sort of failed joke, but I believe it was something else entirely: Trump was just generously offering Colbert another data point.


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