Stevie Wonder’s secret sight gives me a glimmer of hope

The night before the dark, Stephen Colbert hosted Stevie Wonder so that the beloved musician could give one last impassioned plea for Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton:

The thrust of his appeal was that — just as Stephen would not trust Stevie to drive him to the hospital — Americans should not trust Donald Trump to assume the Presidency. The reason is blindingly obvious: Stevie Wonder cannot see.

Or can he?

In late September, Stephen hosted Black-ish star Anthony Anderson, who used his interview to advance the conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder is not, in fact, blind: “It’s just an act,” he insisted. Now that is a theory that seemingly flies in the face of manifest fact.

Or is it?

Anderson related an anecdote and then, crucially, instructed Stephen as follows: “Have him on the show. Put stuff in his way. I bet you he’ll step over it.” Stephen wasted no time in extending the requested invitation on the spot, which is presumably what drove Stevie’s decision to stop by earlier this week.

When I first noticed Stevie was due for a visit to the Late Show, I was excited to watch Stephen follow through on Anderson’s request to trip him up (both literally and figuratively). Which is why I was so disappointed when Stevie’s interview began with the guest — unusually — already seated beside Stephen.

So what didn’t Stephen want his viewers at home to see? Quite clearly, Stevie’s secret vision would undermine the analogy he’d so carefully prepared. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it.

But now that the election’s over, it sure would be immensely comforting to learn that the world isn’t so dark for Stevie after all. Because based on what we’ve seen so far, the guy America just elected to steer it into the future is hard at work vindicating everyone who coped with Tuesday’s hearbreak by cryin’ through the night. Can’t say I’m optimistic, but — this time — I wouldn’t mind being totally wrong.


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