Why the Seahawks’ rejoinder to Jimmy Fallon came up just inches short

Earlier this month, the Seattle Seahawks hit back at Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon with their own take on his recurring segment “Tonight Show Superlatives“. This was actually their second crack back at the late night host. In the first go-around, the Hawks went with their own version of that exact segment and titled it, oh so cleverly, “Seahawks Superlatives“. This time — almost exactly one year later — they instead spoofed Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes“.

Both Seahawks responses were cute enough — though nobody seems to have told Russell Wilson that his thank you note should be addressed to Jimmy Fallon — but both also left me thinking the Seahawks blew their huge opportunity to dunk one through the goal posts (like Jimmy Graham).

In the very beginning of that first clip (which was, incidentally, overwhelmingly voted “Content of the Year” during last year’s NFL Digital Media Summit), Seahawks punter Jon Ryan engaged in an extended dialogue in which he played dumb about Jimmy Fallon:

“Who? Jimmy “Full-own”? He has his own late-night show? Like a local thing around here that he does? Like Leno or Letterman — but probably just a little bit later and not as good. It’s not ringing a bell.”

On its face, his extended intro is not cause for particular regret. But the 2015 Seahawks, more than any other team in the NFL, were actually in a unique position to make the absolute most of this exact joke — and either chickened out, or just flat shanked the opportunity.

It would have been far more effective to simply throw (then-Seahawk and erstwhile provocateur) Bruce Irvin on camera to ask, “Who’s Jimmy?” And it would have been better still to feed those two words into the mouth of none other than (he of goal post-dunking fame, newly-fledged Seahawk, and complete answer to Bruce’s question) Jimmy Graham.

Go Hawks.


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