Second-guessing the visually-impaired

First, some necessary background: Thursday Night Football games are pretty much the worst, and while the NFL seems disinterested in discontinuing them, at least it does what it can to improve the viewer experience. For example, after New Jersey’s New York Jets and New York’s Buffalo Bills faced off last season, some fans complained they had trouble differentiating between the Jets’ all-green and Bills’ all-red “color rush” uniforms. So when those teams met again on a Thursday night earlier this season, the league came up with a simple solution: the Jets wore all-white instead of all-green. Problem solved. (Or, at least, one of them. Thursday Night Football remains a terrible idea.)

Second, the promised second-guessing. During the original match-up between these teams, colorblind columnist Gregg Rosenthal observed that “When [Jets QB] Ryan Fitzpatrick threw his first pass of the night, it looked to me like two different Jets teammates went for the ball.” While it’s easy to sympathize with Rosenthal’s struggles, I have a hard time defending his thought process. Given that in his previous encounter against the Bills Fitzpatrick threw interceptions on each of his team’s final three possessions, and that the very next week he would go on to throw six interceptions in a single game, it probably would have been safer under the circumstances for Gregg to imagine that both players trying to catch the pass play for the Bills.


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