Trying to make sense of the Nin Com Soup Nutzy

A cafe in London intent on living up to a name that otherwise makes little sense for a coffee shop — Nin Com Soup — drew some attention last month when it introduced a new flavor of smoothie, decorated it with a swastika, and called it “Nutzy”.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism reported that the shop pulled the product from its shelves after a patron protested. But just days later, “‘Nutzy’ was back in stock, [although] the swastika had bizarrely been replaced with an image of the Pope waving.”

So why is that choice so bizarre? Well, because the bottle clearly features the current Pope, Francis, who is by all accounts a nice guy:


If these nincompoops (one word) had wanted to appropriately decorate ‘Nutzy’ with a Pope, they obviously should have chosen to depict the previous one, Benedict XVI, who did not see any reason not to join the Hitler Youth, or even Pius XII, whose Holy See did not see much wrong with the Nazis. The second choice would have even explained why the shop chose to specifically include an image of the Pope waving — it’s only proper to wish the Jews goodbye:


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