Sometimes, the corrections just write themselves

Now that the President-elect elected to select the unelectable Rick Perry to direct the Department of Energy — the very agency he infamously  tried, and failed, to inform voters he would shut down if they made him President of these United States — I thought now might be a good opportunity to instruct the media on word choice.

Back in May, Grist published an article about Trump’s erstwhile plan to totally abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, and detailed Republican animosity toward that agency more generally:

[Trump]’s not the only Republican presidential contender to call for puting (sic) EPA on the chopping block. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich also called for eliminating the agency, and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio called for drastically limiting its authority.

At the very end of its lengthy article, Grist included a brief amendment to that very paragraph:

Correction: This article originally stated that Rick Perry had also proposed to abolish EPA. He did not.

A few weeks ago, I took the liberty of improving the language Grist used to fact-check Donald Trump on energy policy. In that spirit, I feel compelled to note that Grist missed an obvious way to conclude this particular mea culpa: “Oops.”


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