What John Oliver got wrong about Donald Trump’s post-Brexit speech

Back in June, Mr. Brexit celebrated the event from which he took his name during a visit to Scotland. No one summarized Trump’s take on the referendum better than John Oliver (link to full segment):

“He just said absolutely nothing, because let me explain. First, he said a Brexit will end up being great, which it very likely won’t; then he said the word ‘beautiful’ three times; then he said ‘your people have taken the country back’ even though he was in Scotland, which overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU; then he said ‘it’s been peaceful,’ which it absolutely hasn’t; then he immediately contradicted himself by saying it’s been ‘contentious’ and ‘ugly’; and then he summed the whole thing up as ‘amazing.’ Now, if he had simply breathed audibly into the microphone, the same amount of information would have been conveyed.”

I have just one small quibble with Oliver’s outline. Breathing audibly into a microphone can actually convey quite a bit of information. On the off chance you didn’t click on that hyperlink (the statistically likely reality), the following visual — straight from last Sunday’s the New York Times’ The Year in Pictures 2016 — may help:



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