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The irony of Trump’s “locker room talk”

As has been well-documented, our dearly beloved President-elect — the one with an ironic penchant for safe spaces — repeatedly took refuge during his election campaign in the proverbial locker room. Every time he did, I could not help but recall a semi-prescient New Yorker cover originally published back on June 1, 2015:

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This uninteresting title is so meta

After yesterday’s detour, I thought there was a decent chance today would be the day I finally wrote about The Hunger Games. I am, after all, creeping up on two months too late, and there should probably be some statute of limitations on these things.*

*Just kidding, there is no statute of limitations on what I choose to write about.

But then I came across too many objectionable things on the internet that deserved my attention first. There are so many objectionable things on the internet! Have you noticed how many objectionable things there are on the internet? Because I have, and frankly, it far overwhelms my capacity to respond to all of them. But that won’t stop me from trying.

You’re welcome.

My first response concerns the recent articles – if you’ve been online over the past couple of days, you’ve seen at least one – with headlines like ‘Coffee buzz: Study finds java drinkers live longer‘. In fact, I sent that exact AP article to a… friend I know to enjoy the occasional cup. In case the headline needs any elaboration, here’s the lede:

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