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What was Nick Offerman drinking on The Late Show?

According to YouTube, “hilarious couple” Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert December 15 to “battle for the Smooshed title in this Christmas-themed edition of Late Show’s signature cooking competition.” The competition is as follows: each contestant has about a minute to, well, smoosh together available ingredients — Colbert is the judge.

In keeping with his public persona, St. Nick surveyed said available ingredients and decided to “use that bourbon to fuel my creativity” by taking a couple of long swigs before he started any smooshing:

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Looks like I owe a meow culpaw

I recently came across what I instantly believed to be the worst idea for a non-profit organization I had ever encountered, and my immediate instinct was to share it with you all. It appeared in a story about an African serval — an exotic cat — spotted running along a road on Vancouver Island (somewhere it obviously didn’t belong):

Doug Nelson, a Nanaimo cat breeder, said the serval could be the same one he sold to a Sooke resident. That serval escaped in August and couldn’t be recovered for several weeks.

Seems like a perfectly plausible explanation. But the article went on:

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Mitch McConnell’s outrage over Obama’s deal with China is certainly ironic

I was sitting in bed reading about climate change when I idly fired up the NYTimes app on my phone. New stories quickly updated, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that “US and China Reach Climate Deal After Months of Secret Talks“. Under the plan, China committed for the first time to capping its emissions (rather than simply slowing growth), while the United States promised to accelerate the pace of its decarbonization efforts. All in all, a positive step that will hopefully pave the way to a worldwide agreement next year.

But some have expressed skepticism over Obama’s ability to follow through on his commitments, both now and after he’s gone. From the AP story:

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Why is Jon Stewart spreading misinformation about tobacco (and Ebola)?

Stephen Colbert has been described as “the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Science on TV” and Slate speculated that his departure to CBS “could be a big loss for television coverage of science.”

Jon Stewart, not so much — and hopefully, you’re about to see why.

Last Thursday’s The Daily Show included a segment on the political scandal that brought down Virginia Governor and potential Presidential hopeful Bob McDonnell (“The Giving Spree“). The scandal revolved around allegations of influence-peddling by a Virginia businessman who enlisted the governor to promote his tobacco-based nutritional supplement. That’s when Stewart went off the rails:

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Our differing reaction to these big news stories is all kinds of hypocritical

On slow days — the ones with no political scandals, salacious affairs, or bloody coups to report on — “human interest” stories [sometimes] come to dominate the news cycle and, in turn, my newsfeed.

Today proved that this can occasionally happen on fast days, as well.

On a day when over 600 people died in clashes with the Egyptian military, additional details about the NSA spying program leaked, and MLB finally decided to [somewhat] extend instant reply, the two most frequently-posted items I came across on social media were, coincidentally, both about zoos.

I’ll start off with the one from China, because I’m still not entirely sure whether the Onion managed to pull a fast one on the entire world media, Chinese zoo substitutes lion for dog:

With the sun shining and kids at home for the school holidays, many families in the eastern Chinese city of Luohe decided to pay a visit to the city’s zoo this week.

But those hoping to be thrilled by the zoo’s fearsome beasts were left disappointed by a rather tamer set of substitutes.

“One family surnamed Liu took their six-year-old son to the zoo in People’s Park,” reported the local Dahe Daily newspaper.

“On the way, Mrs Liu was teaching her son all the sounds that the different animals make. But when they arrived, her son said the lion was barking like a dog.”

Turns out, that’s no lion — that’s a space station. You can read the whole article above (if you [somehow] aren’t already familiar with the story), but the main takeaway is this: people were outraged — and the Luohe Zoo became the subject of worldwide ridicule — because of a mislabeled animal in a zoo exhibit.

Meanwhile, the second story I’ve seen shared all day comes from this very hemisphere, and concerns an astonishing story of scientific discovery, Adorable new mammal species found ‘in plain sight’: a raccoon-sized critter with teddy bear looks:

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