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Anonymous Daily Show staffer subliminally injects context into the show’s Middle East coverage

Jon Stewart couldn’t get wait to get back from his 4th of July vacation and discuss the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; the unfolding debacle was featured heavily in his very first segment the Monday of his return, (500) Crazies of Summer.

You’ve probably seen the segment by now. You’ve probably even seen some of the criticism it’s attracted. You might have even stuck around long enough on Tuesday night’s The Daily Show to watch Hillary Rodham Clinton tell Jon why she thinks his understanding of the conflict is skewed (here and here).

But even if I hadn’t directed you to those pieces of criticism, you probably could have just watched the clip yourself and had no trouble arriving at the conclusion that Stewart’s analysis of the current situation was largely facile and pointless. Essentially it boiled down to this: Israel has bigger guns.

Thank you, Mr. Leibowitz, for the nuanced update.

Though I don’t agree with everything Horovitz had to say about the segment (in “some of the criticism” above), there was one paragraph fragment that stood out to me as undeniably true and to the point:

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The Youtube comments I chose to censor

On Monday, I made the worst possible mistake on the Internet: I provoked the ghost of Godwin.

More specifically, I wrote about the Holocaust, and in doing so invited an army of Poles (who seem to be members of a Yahoo! group devoted to ‘Polish Media Issues’) to descend on Paper Treiger in a valiant effort to defend the honor of their motherland.

I found many of the comments generally reasonable, though understandably motivated by the desire to deflect any blame away from Poland:

You write that the German Nazi extermination camp Treblinka was largely run by Poles. Can you provide some sources for your statement?
/Artur Szulc

I checked my original source, realized that I could not substantiate that particular claim, and updated my post to reflect that fact.

But other comments were less helpful, in that they failed to address my main point, or failed to address my main point and were also just sort of offensive:

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