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Mel Gibson and Stephen Colbert haven’t changed at all

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert hit Mel Gibson hard: “Hey, Mel-Mels? When you look back on your life, do you think you’ll have any regrets?” (Mel-Mels’ reply: “No. Not one.”) And had Gibson asked Colbert the same question in return, I’m sure Stephen could have come up with at least one regret of his own: going soft on erstwhile interviewee Donald Trump.

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Verizon: Can you hear us now?

“How is Mordechai’s Verizon petition on Change.org doing?” is a question exactly no one is asking, but oh my god I just watched The Daily Show, and that ad played back to back to back and it has to stop. Maybe I should start a new petition to celebrate Mother’s Day one week early this year.

Meanwhile, Change.org has been doing its best to make sure I stay on top of things. It’s nice to see the website maintain so much enthusiasm for a campaign that currently has fewer supporters than The city of Healdsbug California: Make the intersection of North and Fitch into a four way stop intersection* or Rick Perry (but more than other worthy causes, like Barnes and Noble: Stop shoving smut in our faces! or Bloomington Herald-Times: Stop using your newspaper to promote the KKK! or Hills Shire Council: To create a Youth centre in the Hills district for the youth to come to** or Judge Rotenberg Educational Center: Please Stop Painful Electric Shocks on Your Students):

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