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Mel Gibson and Stephen Colbert haven’t changed at all

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert hit Mel Gibson hard: “Hey, Mel-Mels? When you look back on your life, do you think you’ll have any regrets?” (Mel-Mels’ reply: “No. Not one.”) And had Gibson asked Colbert the same question in return, I’m sure Stephen could have come up with at least one regret of his own: going soft on erstwhile interviewee Donald Trump.

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Jewish High School Basketball and The Fighting Sioux

Yesterday, voters in North Dakota voted to do away with the University of North Dakota’s mascot, the Fighting Sioux. If you would like more detail, or for some reason don’t believe me, here’s a real news source:

Voters in North Dakota on Tuesday overwhelmingly endorsed a proposal to abolish the state university’s “Fighting Sioux” nickname and Indian head logo, banned under a national college sports policy that deems such symbols as racially offensive.

More than 67 percent of voters supported the move that will allow the University of North Dakota to end its use of the nickname and logo – based on a Native American caricature – in order to avoid possible sanctions by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

– North Dakota voters nix ‘Fighting Sioux’ team name – Reuters

The decision to re-name the team took me back to the Fall of 2004 – specifically, to my first editorial piece published in Northwest Yeshiva High School’s student newspaper, Between the Lines.*

*you may recall that the pages of this illustrious publication at one time also hosted a certain terrorist instigator

For your benefit, I have reproduced the article as it originally appeared, edited mostly for length and minimally for content. You’ll get an idea of just how long ago 2004 was by the end of paragraph two. Spoiler alert: we’re coming up on 8 years, and NYHS has yet to take my advice:

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