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The irony of Trump’s “locker room talk”

As has been well-documented, our dearly beloved President-elect — the one with an ironic penchant for safe spaces — repeatedly took refuge during his election campaign in the proverbial locker room. Every time he did, I could not help but recall a semi-prescient New Yorker cover originally published back on June 1, 2015:

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What crazy universe is Mike Huckabee living in?

Mike Huckabee is running for President, which will hopefully be almost as fun as the last time he decided to do that. And he certainly kicked things off with a bang. In the speech declaring his candidacy, Huckabee had this, inter alia, to say:

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How not to go to hell: An election day primer

FOX News posted an article yesterday, Rev who gave Obama’s inaugural benediction reportedly says he thinks whites going to hell:

The Rev. Joseph Lowery spoke at a rally Saturday in Georgia. According to an account in the Monroe County Reporter, Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was, according to the newspaper.

I’ll be honest: framed the right way, I’m not entirely sure why this is news. Given how much it gets talked about, I was always under the impression that just about everybody is headed for hell — whites, blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Jews, Mormons, and especially Muslims. So as a prediction, what Lowery said is unobjectionable: we’re all going to hell.

Still, his remarks are troubling. The prospect of hell is clearly not a pleasant one, and invoking it to condemn ‘the other’ is despicable. But do you know what else is despicable? FOX News.

FOX isn’t concerned with the allegations of damnation as a matter of principle — it’s just trying to stir up trouble by linking President Obama to the Reverend’s impolitick and racist opinion. If that isn’t self-evident from the formulation of the headline, I present for your consideration this commercial voiced-over by FOX News employee Mike Huckabee:

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