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Where has Jon Stewart seen Jon Stewart’s guest before?

As of last night’s show, Jon Stewart has exactly three months left on the air. Sad face. And he marked the occasion of one of the final Daily Shows with Jon Stewart by welcoming back an old friend, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

The two engaged in a fairly enlightening conversation about negotiations with Iran and the current state of the United States’ switch to a clean energy economy. That was three puns about electricity, for the record.

Wait, did I say “welcome back”? That’s weird. If you run a search for “Moniz”, the only Daily Show hits are from May 6th:

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John Oliver, meet Amelia Bedelia

In the course of last night’s discussion of why the International Olympic Committee is having so much trouble finding a city willing to host the 2022 Winter games, John Oliver noted that perhaps the organization’s extravagant demands had something to do with the lack of interest on the part of formerly-interested countries like Norway.

For example, the IOC requires that host countries stock their hotel rooms with seasonal fruits and pastries. “Incidentally,” Oliver continued, “what the fuck [this is HBO] is a seasonal pastry in Oslo in February? I’m guessing it’s something like herring with vanilla frosting.”

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The curse of the Bing search screen

Local search engine Bing hosts a rotating cast of photographs, which I happen to see every day because they are featured on the search screen of my Windows Phone. The photos always feature embedded hints and teasers meant to encourage visitors to click through and google more using Bing.

I last took special note of the home page this past Mother’s Day. The photograph caught my eye today because it looked quite familiar:

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Ski Free in real life

Via the AP, Bear turns heads on Lake Tahoe ski slopes:

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — An unusual sight for winter turned some skiers’ heads on the slopes at Lake Tahoe: a black bear.

What in the world was s/he doing out there?

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Stephen Colbert comes out of the closet, basically

During last night’s Colbert Report, Colbert Reported on plans to boycott the 2014 Olympics because of host country Russia’s harsh treatment of homosexuals.

In the course of his segment, Colbert belittled one athlete’s attempt to protest by wearing a rainbow pin in Sochi as follows:

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The New York-Seattle rivalry: the tale of a truce violated

Flash back to 1847. The Donner party set out along the Oregon Trail to reach California, but was trapped in the Wasatch range of Utah. Its members resorted to cannibalism in order to survive the harsh winter.

Just four years later, and perhaps wary of meating [sic] the Donner party’s fate, the Denny party arrived at the future site of Seattle — sensibly, by boat. They named their landing site “New York alki” — alki being the native word for “by the by” or “someday.” And so, precisely coincident with the founding of the City of Seattle, a good-natured (and perhaps one-sided) rivalry was born.

After a century and a half, Seattle has yet to live up to its aspirational name, and in no place is the discrepancy more apparent than on the field of play. New York is home to eleven* major league sports franchises, while the Emerald City boasts only three.

*I’m counting soccer only because it gives New York a bigger lead. Go Sounders!

Seattle would be home to four, but the Sonics absconded to Oklahoma City, taking with them “the city’s first and only major men’s sports championship.”

Or so the narrative goes — a narrative that is totally wrong.

In fact, Seattle once hosted a major league hockey team, which just so happened to become the first American team to ever win the Stanley Cup in 1917. Despite its early success, that team ceased to exist after 1924, but no worries: its name lives on courtesy of — read: it was adopted by — the New York Mets.*

*OK, technically there were also New York Metropolitans in the 1800s, well before there were Seattle Metropolitans, but I’m not going to let facts get in the way of my history.

Today, Seattle still dreams of landing a team in the NHL — but if the city is successful, we’d be happy to call it the Thunderbirds. You can have “Mets.” Let’s keep this a civil, good-natured rivalry: We pretend to steal your city’s name. You steal our hockey team’s name in retribution. We’ll all bury the hatchet and drink some coffee.

And so, despite occasional outbreaks of violence in the MLB playoffs, on former industrial sites, and on Seinfeld — in case you don’t recall: Seattle, George says, is “the pesto of cities” — the peace has largely held for years.

But it’s all starting to come apart. Witness what Jimmy Fallon coaxed Mets RHP Matt Harvey into doing before he started the All-Star Game:

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